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Fireplace Cleaning Services in San Antonio, TX
Fireplace Cleaning Services in San Antonio, TX


Modern chimneys are designed to funnel smoke and ash from fireplaces and sometimes exhaust from furnaces and water heaters. That may mean keeping two flues clear to reduce your risk of a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Call on Professional Air Duct Cleaning for all-inclusive chimney cleaning services in the greater San Antonio, TX area or Corpus Christi.

Cleaning a chimney is a messy job, so be prepared to see a pile of debris in your fireplace. Chimneys can collect…

  • Soot and creosote, which are byproducts of burning wood
  • Animal nests and droppings
  • Mold and dust

Why is chimney repair too important?

Chimneys are an integral part of house infrastructure. They are made in a unique way that allows ventilation passage for the smoke and wood debris from your firebox or pit, and kitchen stoves if installed in the kitchen. This ventilation helps in expelling the buildup of smoke and heat within the room.

If a chimney is compromised, it is possible that it leaks the exhaust and the debris might start to collect and build-up in the crack. This leads to further deterioration of the chimney pipe and can cause further risks.

A broken chimney allows the exhaust material and debris to penetrate brick & mortar. This causes the Mortar joints to erode with a faster pace, exposing the exterior masonry to environment moisture. The eventual result can be a chimney that might begin to lean and/or collapse if it is not being taken care of.

Chimney cleaning is a dirty, dangerous chore, so leave it to the pros in San Antonio, TX. We'll climb onto your roof to dislodge stubborn debris and repair your chimney cap, if needed. We'll then sweep up the debris so kids or pets won't track the mess around the house..

Professional Air Duct Cleaning ensures no wreck when we clear your fireplace chimney. We close the chimney opening, then, at that point, access your fireplace from the rooftop. Utilizing long, firm brushes, we clear away the creosote and soot that has built-up over the years, from the inside covering of your chimney stack.

When the chimney stack is cleared, our experts cautiously eliminate the plastic from the chimney opening and eliminate the trash inside the firebox with an exceptionally controlled vacuum.

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